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From Darkness To Light

Revised: September 5, 1999

You don't have to be a Starseed or Walk-In to be a Light Worker. Anyone who is willing and desiring to work for the Light, can be a Light Worker. Even those of the Dark can be a Light Worker. Anyone can transform their life - at anytime - if they have the will to do so. You have seen this many times, happen to the dark.

You have seen many hard core criminals turn their life around after being imprisoned. Spirit Touched Their Heart. And you have seen former gang members, who previously had no morals and no regard for human life, all of a sudden wake up one day, and decided they don't want to do this anymore. Spirit Touched Their Heart. They want to turn over a new leaf, so to speak. Some even went on to dedicate their lives to helping others to get out of gangs, and stear young children away from gangs. In actuality, this was part of their purpose all along, but they didn't know it.

At a certain point in our lives, all of us are supposed to wake up to our purpose
But Some Never Do.

It is never too late to change, no matter how evil you think you've been, and no matter what you have done. God loves you Unconditionally, and so do all of us in the Family Of Light. You Are Forgiven - Know This. Release yourself from any guilt you may be feeling, and seek help with your emotional body clearing. You too can reclaim your Personal Mastery and walk side-by-side with the Family Of Light. After all - We Are One. You are welcome to work with the Light at any time. You Too Can Be A Light Worker.

You might be saying, "but JoAnn, I've been reeeeally bad". I say to you - "So What". I am not judging you. Guess who's doing all the judging anyway - YOU ARE! And so is this "Limited Conscious" society we live in. Nobody can judge anybody. Some of us have been mass murderers in other lifetimes, but we are not now. So, this means we have evolved beyond the desire to kill anybody in this lifetime. But we can't judge a mass murderer in this lifetime, because they are only mirroring back to us, something we may have also done. It's the case of "He Who Is Without Sin, Let Him Cast The First Stone". None of us have sqeaky clean slates, and yes, what you have done in past lifetimes, do count.

I also say to those of you who think you have been reeeeally bad in this lifetime, that you were playing your part. You were just doing your job. You were providing people you encountered with the much needed lessons for their spiritual growth. That's why we are ALL here on Earth - FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH! That Is The Name Of The Game.

Besides there is really no such thing as good or bad. Good and bad are only relative to how you perceive them. What's good in one culture, might be frowned upon in another, and might be actually called bad in yet still another. But what's more easier to discern on this planet of duality is - what is Loving or unLoving. Many people (throughout their lives) make unLoving (unenlightened) choices. But they can always - at any time - CHOOSE AGAIN. So if you have been serving the Dark, but now you want to serve the Light - All you have to do is - CHOOSE AGAIN!

Talk to the Creator (God/Geddess Of All That Is), and let him/her know what your intentions are. Of course the Creator already knows what your intentions are, but they like to hear it aloud, from your own lips, in your own words.

Next ask your Higher Self (your souls), and your Angels and your Spiritual Guides (your Inner Guidance, A.K.A. your Team Of Light) - to guide you and assist you in your task ahead (transforming yourself). Yes you have a whole crew working with you and for you, no matter how "bad" you think you've been. And as you begin to grown spiritually, they will send in different guides to help you on your path. A changing of the gurads, if you will. The only ones who are guaranteeded to always be with you, are your Higher Self, your Primary Angel and your Primary Guide.

You took the first major step by desiring to be on the winning team (the Light). Now you will have all kinds of help available to you. All those in heaven rejoice, everytime a dark one sees the Light. This should make you feel good because you are kind of special. It takes courage to do it, and you are greatly admired by all the guys and gals upstairs.

Your inner guidance will lead you to the information you need to have - until you are able to receive it from them directly. Be sure to thank God everyday, for all the wonderful blessings in your life now, and thank your team for their assistance and guidance. And of utmost importance - Thank Mother Earth and tell her you love her, and ask her to keep you safe and show you where you need to be, to be safe. As long as you are sincere and are not asking this of her out of fear for your survival, but out of true desire to stick around and help her with her ascension - to love her and nurture her and give her respect, you will have nothing to worry about. She will then set things in motion, working with your team and the Universe, to always make sure you are in the right place at the right time (out of harms way). She knows exactly when and where she's going to cook up a major hurricane, tornado, earthquake, tidal wave, etc. What better athority on her cleansing process than her. So, wouldn't you rahter work with her, instead of against her?

But you must understand, you cannot ask for her protection for anyone else, not even your loved ones. Each individual has to do this for themself (with the exception of babies and very young children). They, themselves, have to make the conscious choice to connect with the Earth. On that same note, you cannot ask your team to work for anybody else. Everybody has their own team. You are only responsible for your own soul growth - nobody elses. What you can do for them however, - is show them the way to the Light. It is still up to them if they want to choose it or not. Everybody has "Free Will". All you can do is show them the way, then pray that they will see the Light before it's too late. We are literally running out of time.

Not all will want to make this transition - the Ascension. ou have to accept that and be ok with it - and be willing to let those loved ones go. By doing this, you are honoring their free will choice, and keeping your frequencies up by not resisting their choice. Any type of resistance is fear based - And members of The Fa,ily Of Light, are moving away from fear based Everything. And sometimes tough choices have to be made. If necessary, you may need to move away from certain family members, who insist on holding on to the dark energy - (fear based energy), and they may want you to hold on to it too. Some may be so bold as to try to force you to stay. You must be strong and break away from that dead end path. Asl your team to help you (that's what they are here for). If they don't feel you have more lessons to learn in your current situation, they will get you out of there. The more emotional body clearing you do, the fewer lessons you'll have left to go through.

Have courage and be strong, You Can Do It. You Are A Master In The Making. Don't let anyone take that away from you. You may have spent hundreds of lifetimes to get here (to this ascension). Don't Blow It Now. This also goes for those of you who are still sitting on the fence. There Is No More Sitting On The Fence! Who are you going to side with, the Light or the Dark? You must choose now, or Mother Earth is going to Choose For You (through the elevation of her frequencies, and her cleansing process or what most of you call "Earth Changes"). Those who are in sinc with Earth as mentioned above and who resonate with her frequencies, have nothing to worry about. But for those who are pretending to be the Light and pretending to connect with the Earth - you must realize that - YOU CAN'T FOOL MOTHER NATURE!

As I alluded to before, you cannot fake your frequencies. And if you don't clear you emotional body soon, her elevated frequencies are going to do a real number on you. If you do to Get Out Of Fear, you cannot be successful in clearing your emotional body. It is your choice though, and Mother Earth loves you no matter what you choose. She love you whether you stay with her, or decide to move on to another assignment elsewhere. And remeber, how you fair through all of this - Is Your Choice. Nobody Is A Victim. Your destiny is in YOUR hands. Your reality is in Your hands. Which reality do you choose? Which dimension Do You Choose? What Side Are You Going To be On?

I can hear some of you now - "Gee JoAnn, you sound like a recruiter for the Light". Yes I Am. I am intending to recruit as many as I can - into the army of the Light. And besides, why wouldn't I want you on our side?

There are a lot of sleeping spiritual warriors out there, and I am aiming to wake them up. And as they wake up, they will help wake up others - The Domino Effect. Each one teach one (or each one teach many). And the best way to teach is by example, so get your own acts together first. Become leaders if you feel this is your calling - but be willing to practice what you preach. Let your light shine for all to see (if you choose). We don't have a lot of time, so let's get cracking. We have a whole planet to wake up. If I am successful in waking up just one person and bringing them to the Light, it will all have been worth it, because you never know if that one person will go on to awaken 10,000 other sleeping Starseeds, Walk-Ins, Light Workers and Native Earthlings. Welcome - All New Light Workers.

Peace Be With You Always,

Love & Blessings,

Your Sister In Light,