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By JoAnn Lewis


Dear Friends,

Yes, Y2K Has Been Solved. By Whom? By the Secret Government, of course. Find out why we are not being told this fact, and why you should not be in fear about the coming changes, and why you should not try to run and hide. Find out why your very survival may depend on your ability to get out of fear about survival, and why you should stop worrying about surviving Y2K and the rest of the coming (potential) "chaos".

Read "The Nibiruan Council's Perspective On Y2K" on the 9D Nibiruan council's web site: ....Want to regain "Full Consciousness" (to become a Multi- Dimensional Being)? Have your DNA recoded and you can achieve 12 strand DNA Full 4th Dimensional Mastery NOW! Yes, you can be an Ascended Master now - this year, 1999, (and next year 2000). To find out how, go to the Nibiruan Council's web site, then click on the article "The DNA Recoding, Reconnecting and Activation Process". It Is Incredible. Yes, I will be going through this recoding.

I Am Giving Up Fear About Y2K!!! I am Living In The Now!!! I am not going to worry about Earth Changes either, nor about any political or other wars, or terrorists, or viruses or catastrophic cosmic or economical events. Not worried about any social anarchy, Martial Law, government conspiracies, alien invasions, or any of that. I totally move out of that space of fear, related to such gloom and doom prophecies and predictions.

I am going to stay "Centered", stay focused on Love, and let Spirit guide me. Spirit will make sure I have everything I need, when I need it, and will make sure I am always in the right place at the right time. I am letting go of ALL fear, and accepting and knowing the "Oneness" of All, and Loving all Unconditionally. These things are very important, and go a long way in transforming our personal situations.

If we raise our vibrational levels (our vibratory frequencies), and elevate our consciousness, and Really begin to believe (or better yet KNOW) that we are Unlimited Beings, this will very much minimize, or even eliminate any adverse affects the coming changes will have on us. We literally have the power to affect the outcome of all this, by how we perceive these events. We can change things for us personally, and for our entire world. To give you a better idea of the importance of your level of frequencies, this is an analogy I like to use.

Imagine vibrational levels to be floors in a 30 story building. Many Starseeds, Light workers & Walk-Ins that are not yet awakened, may still be anywhere from the 1st & 5th floor of this building. I would consider myself around the 5th floor right now, but where I intend to be is in the Penthouse of this 30 story building. I know many that are currently on higher floors than me (who are vibrating at a higher frequency). Those who are vibrating with low frequencies (but have grown some over the last few years), are in the basement. For those with very low frequencies (in the sub-basement) and not even trying to grow spiritually (raise their frequencies) - It Is Check Out Time. Time to leave the building (Earth). Growing spiritually means getting (growing) closer to God, by incorporating Unconditional Love, Compassion, Non-Judgment, Acceptance and Allowance into your beingness. The more you feel this and realize this for yourself, first and foremost, then extend that to all other beings and things in existence, with No Exceptions, thereby realizing your Oneness with All, the more you grow spiritually, and the higher your frequencies are raised.

When you are reaching for the Penthouse in this 30 story building, just imagine that your power to change your life comes with each floor you rise up to (Ascend). In the Penthouse, you have absolute power. In the penthouse you can be right in the middle of the chaos and not be touched. This is the power God (Prime Creator) is giving to those, with this kind of faith, to reach or strive for the penthouse.

This is what belief in the Oneness Of All, Unconditional Love for self and all others (including the Dark Force and all who work for them), True desire for Peace and Equality for all, Love & Respect for the Earth, Non- Judgment of self and others, completely Letting Go Of Fear, Truth, Honesty and Compassion, can do for anyone - Get Them Up Higher In The Building, while still here on Earth - the penthouse being the New Heaven, on the New Earth. That's right, you don't have to die this time around, to get to Heaven. This is a new game. A new experiment. THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!

Everybody has the right to choose where they will be (what floor they will be on). The higher the floor, the less you will be affected by the negativity of the chaos or disasters (whether it's Earth Changes, Y2K related chaos, predicted cosmic destruction, nuclear wars, or the Secret Government & Global Elites New World Order takeover plans) , etc., etc., etc.

And the higher up you are, the more power you will have to create your reality to be the way you want it. So, you see, you have a choice. Do you want to remain in fear and experience the hell on Earth, or do you want to rise above it all. You can begin now, today, to come out of the basement, if that's where you feel you are. If you still believe in separateness, that you are separate from everybody else, then this will indeed keep you in the basement.

If you have hatred in your heart, (or any forms of it such as animosity, hostility or ill feelings) for anybody on the planet, then you are definitely in the basement, for hate is one of the strongest fear based emotions there is. If you are unforgiving of anyone on the planet, if there is no mercy in your heart for even a single person, no matter what they have done, you shall remain in the basement. But there is no judgment in that. Nobody in the higher realms, including the Prime Creator (God) judges you.

I know this goes against many Christian beliefs, but remember, the Dark has purposely kept you in the dark, to control you. And yes, they control most of the organized religious systems of the world - Especially Christianity. You should already knows this, but many of you don't. Now it's time for you to WAKE-UP! They are Masters Of Deception, and you only know WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW!

Some of you are saying - they wouldn't lie on God, would they? Sure they would, AND THEY DO! God loves you UNCONDITIONALLY - no matter what you do. He/she would never judge you or condemn you, and therefore, would never punish you. And yes, the bible has been altered many times, to suit their purpose of controlling the masses. They set up and control the religious systems of the world, and they have no regard for the well being of humans. When you read "Bringers Of The Dawn", you will find out other ways they are controlling the masses. Once you learn who is really behind the bible in the first place, then you will understand why it is full of fear based messages. Then you will understand that Masters Of Deception are very good at mixing the truth with lies.

Yes the Dark controls the schools, and therefore what you are taught (thus your ignorance of the truth). They control the churches, and therefore your religious belief system (thus your ignorance of the truth). They control the mainstream media, and therefore your limited knowledge of what's happening in the world (thus your ignorance of the truth). Now you tell me if, You Only Know What They Want You To Know.

When you rise above and let go of all hatred, and are able to forgive and have compassion, even for your worst enemy, then you can advance to the upper floors. And when you rise about all hatred, then you realize that their is no such thing as an enemy. Unconditional Love is loving someone, No Matter What. This is what you must strive for, to advance to the upper floors. You can accomplish this faster through the emotional body clearing process. There are many who can help you with this, including all of the Nibiruan Council coaches. They can also help you with your DNA recodement, and you will read about the importance of your recodement on the web site.

They don't teach any of this in the schools or in the traditional churches, because they don't want you to know about your real power. They don't want you to have access to this power, because if you do, then they cannot keep you in fear, and therefore, they cannot control you. If you want to be in the penthouse (or close to it) when all this goes down, I suggest you get your DNA recoded A.S.A.P. and commit to raising your consciousness and your frequencies. You are an electromagnetic being, and your body carries an electromagnetic frequency that can be detected on both a physical and spiritual level. This Cannot Be Faked, and it is measured by Spirit.

All of us are being recoded As We Speak - but some prefer to accelerate the process through the available methods. DNA recodement will trigger your memory of who you really are, and awaken your latent powers that were lost when you were genetically altered by the renegade E.T.'s many thousands of years ago.

Even without the DNA recoding, you can begin to raise your consciousness by integrating the Light (Love Energy) & Dark (Fear Energy). Increase your frequencies by the day, by accepting and loving yourself (without judgment) then extending that Unconditional Love to all others, knowing that you are one with all (including the tiniest of insects, and the tiniest of atoms as well as All Energy). So, therefore, anything you look at or perceive - YOU ARE THAT!!! (Including Those Not From This Planet).

And if you don't already know, absolutely everything in existence Has A Consciousness (Intelligence). And, you are "One" With Everything. But you can still maintain your individuality, while recognizing your oneness with all, and maintain a certain amount of detachment and not get involved in everybody's personal dramas. That is true mastery.

I know that's a tall order, but it is a very important order to fill. Your future existence on this planet depends on it. And by future, I literally mean within the next 12 months. The higher spiritual beings are here to help us, but we must literally verbally ask for their help, for they will always honor our "free will". They are out there protecting us from major cosmic disasters because they will not allow Earth to be destroyed. But they commend us for the excellent job we have been doing on our own in bringing in the Light to the planet. They have wonderful surprises in store for us.

All the answers and know-how are already within you, you just have to awaken and activate this connection to your "Higher Self". Be silent and go within. Of course this is easier said than done for many people, but you would do well to make an effort each day. This is part of being a Master. Tapping into your own inner knowingness (the Universal Consciousness which holds all knowledge).

But until you master this going within, or at least get a handle on it, you can go to an abundant of other sources. It is crucial to begin relying on your own inner guidance in the months and years to come, in the meantime, whenever you go to another source other than self, please use discernment and feel the information with your heart. Once you have your DNA recoded, your connection to you Higher Helf will be effortless, as well as your direct connection to the angelic beings and Ascended Masters. We need to remember one thing. We all are very powerful spiritual beings - With Amnesia.

Once you decide to commit to your Personal Mastery, there is all kinds of help available. There are books, tapes, workshops and local support groups in just about every locality. If there is none in your area, you can start one. There are thousands of people waking up each and every day, in cities and towns all over the world. Getting together with like minded people will help you in so many ways. You Are Not Alone.

And please share this good news with as many other people as you can, so we can get a good start in wiping out the fear worldwide. The darkness feeds off of this fear. Lets put them on a crash diet. The Light feeds off of Love, so lets give them an abundant supply, to make the Light stronger. Then the whole world benefits.

Some of you may think you've got more important things to do. Nothing is more important than raising your frequencies, that is, if you intend on staying on this planet. The planet is ascending, and progressively increasing her frequencies tremendously over the next few weeks, months and years. If you can't hang with her frequencies, if you can't keep up - see you later bye-bye. It is your choice, and all choices are honored, even bad (unenlightened) ones.

The planet has made her choice. You can go with her, or stay behind. If you choose not to go, she won't be mad at you. She'll still love you, but she will miss you. Especially those of you who promised to stick by her and see her through this. Of course you don't remember any of this because of your self imposed amnesia, but this is why you need recoding, so you can wake up and remember all of this, that you already know (that you have forgotten).

In any case, I will not be spreading anymore fear based information. I will hardly give fear based information the time of day (including and especially information about Y2K). I refuse to put my attention on it, therefore giving it that much less power. When we focus our attention on anything, that gives it power. Let's put our attention - Worldwide into Love & Light & Peace. Let's give more power to the Light and to Peace. We can't listen to anymore gloom and doom predictions. It's literally up to us to turn this thing around. We can literally create the New Reality that we want. KNOW THIS.

I've given up several things which were keeping me from advancing into my mastery, including a long time (8 1/2 year) relationship which no longer served me. Some things are going to be very hard for us to give up (especially some very low vibrating family members), but we have to do it in order to become who we are. We can't let anything or anybody hold us back. A true master understands this.

It felt like a 1,000 ton weight had been lifted from my shoulders, when I completely and totally let go of the fear about Y2K and all the rest. I am well on my way to (and fully intend to) claim my Personal Mastery, and I am not worried in the least about my future. I felt it only fair to inform you since we are connected, and many of you received previous information from me about the coming changes, which may very well have incited some fear. All I can say is - GET OUT OF THE FEAR, and do the research to become informed.

But most of all, become the Master that you are - then be an example for others. This is going to be fun - being in full power. This is when we will finally, once again, truly be in our joy, serving humanity with Love. Some of you don't need to be told any of this, because you already know these things, but perhaps then, you may want to pass this information along to some others, so it can help them out of their fear mode concerning these rapidly accelerating changes.

So now to elaborate a little. Instead of frantically trying to prepare for All eventualities (which is virtually impossible and financially and emotionally draining), LET GO - and re-channel that energy and your finances to something that is going to last - Your Personal Mastery. This guarantees your survival - without fear. You don't need any money if you can just come to certain realizations and knowingness.

Doing the suggested research will trigger your knowingness, or at least greatly enlighten you. For some it will take only a little of this research before they begin to feel these truths on a soul level. For others, it may take a lot more to convince them. The only ones that won't benefit, are the ones that refuse to seek the truth, and who refuse to get out of fear and out of the "survival mode" and refuse to accept the oneness of all. Their frequencies will remain too low and they won't be able to remain on the planet. They will have to drop the physical body and move on to other assignments. But we are shooting for about 70-73% of Earth's population to go all the way with us to the 5th Dimension, by the year 2012.

If you work on raising your frequencies now, you are likely to be among those who make it. As I said, the Earth's frequencies are raising at a tremendous rate now, and many of those who can't keep up, are dropping dead of heart attacks & other sudden (many times mysterious) deaths occur. So you see, it does not matter where you try to hide on (or IN) the planet or how much you have stocked up, if your frequencies are out of sinc with the Earth's frequencies. Hiding and stocking up and hoarding, only shows how much you are into fear. And fear lowers your frequencies faster than practically anything else.

So anyway, if you are still around by the time the year 2012 gets here, but your frequencies are not up to speed with the Earth's, you will probably be among the 30% leaving the building. Normally it would not be that big of a deal because we've died and come back many times before. But this time, this is it, there is no more coming back. No more reincarnating on Earth. THE EXPERIMENT IS OVER!. This is the end of the karmic cycle. This is the end of time as we know it. This is the greatest time in the history of the Universe, to be alive on planet Earth. We are transforming into a new being, and we are creating a New Heaven on the New Earth. Those who choose to remain in fear, will stay on the 3rd dimensional Earth with all the chaos and destruction (in the basement or what some might call hell).

Those who choose to rise above the fear will ascend to the 4th & 5th Dimensions (into their true I Am god self - their Personal Mastery), and experience Heaven on Earth. You will be an Ascended Master, using 100% of your brain (unlike now where we use 3-5%, and geniuses using about 15%). As an Ascended Master, the current laws of physics on this planet will not apply to you. You will have complete control of your environment, with the use of 100% of your brain. Mind Over Matter.

For those who have already stocked up for Y2K and other predicted events, it's OK. Use what you have, to share with your neighbors, when the time comes. But most importantly realize, that when you are about to run out, you'll be able to lays your hands on food and it will multiply. I didn't say it might - I said it WILL multiply. Lay your hands on empty water containers, and they will refill with fresh water. And if you say "Let There Be Light", there will be. Yes It Will - If you have absolute faith and know that it will. An Ascended Master never doubts his abilities to manifest or create - seemingly from thin air.

A true master knows something IS - then It IS. No Doubts! Absolute and complete faith in his or her abilities - as a Co- Creator with God and the Universe. You Have The Power. KNOW THIS!!! THIS IS WHO YOU ARE! Teach your neighbors and community, who they are, and they can manifest their own supplies. Yes, its the old "give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day, but teach him to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime." Yes, you have witnessed this type of faith throughout the bible. These miracles were true. This was "the norm" in those days, and it will be "the norm" again. But not only a select few will experience these miracles this time. EVERYONE eventually will. Just understand that people will be regaining their powers of Personal Mastery at different rates.

We create our reality with every single thought that we think in every single day. But with the new energies that are pouring upon our planet since August 1, 1999, you'd better be careful what you think, and be extra careful what you wish for. Ask And You Shall Receive. So lets intentionally, collectively, use these new manifesting energies for the good of mankind.

All of this can get confusing, which is why you should do your own research to find your own truths. Become informed, then put what you learn into action. No matter whatever else you do or don't do, if you can just learn to express Unconditional Love for yourself and all others, then you've got it made.

You are the only one who can make this decision. Nobody else in this world can make it for you. Not your parents, not your children, not your spouse, not your siblings, not your friends, not your clergymen, not your government. Nobody. You are responsible for your own spiritual (soul) growth (or lack thereof).

So remember, the Dark Ones are not our enemy, they are our opposition and we love them just the same. We must embrace them. We must accept and integrate them into our hearts, just like we do anybody else. All Is One. We are them, and they are us. Therefore, if we truly love ourselves, then we truly love and forgive them - WITHOUT JUDGMENT. Until you know this within your beingness, you cannot become a master. Lets each and every one of us, everyday in our prayers and meditations, send our shadow selves (the Dark Ones) Love & Light. This will have a very transforming and healing affect on many of them, especially the ones who have been having second thoughts about being on the other side.

As the love energies that are being poured on the planet everyday continue to increase, everyday the Dark are losing some of their peers to the Light. Some are saying, "If you can't beat em', join em". The Light is going to win this game, it is already pre-ordained. The Dark knows this, but they are not giving up without a fight. Still, we don't have to use traditional weapons. Our greatest weapon is the power of Love. So lets keep those powerful loving prayers coming.

For those who have total belief in what they were taught in school and in church, and for those who are not awakened or just now awakening, this will definitely stretch your imagination, and in many cases, shatter your belief system. But once you begin to discover the truth, The Truth Will Set You Free!!! Don't miss out because of some ego driven false pride. Put your ego in the back seat, and put Spirit (your Higher Self or Soul) in the drivers seat. All I can say is, do the research. Your soul wants you to WAKE UP! Snap out of the slumber those in power have put you in. Reality Check Time. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.

For those of you who are "newbies" (newly awakening), and don't know what this "Grand Experiment" on Earth is all about, I highly recommend the book "Bringers Of The Dawn", by Barbara Marciniak, (1992). The bookstores will order it for you if they don't have it in stock (it may take a few days).

Other web sites for your research:

Commander Korton of The Ashtar Command (Review All New Editorials for 1999). Pay particular attention to the March 6, 1999 editorial (now archived). You'll learn firsthand from someone who's doing it, what it's like being in the 4th Dimension, while still living and operating in the 3rd Dimension. Also especially take a look at the Three Waves editorial, as well as the article entitled "The Bigger Picture" Visit: -- And for the "newbies" you can order from them "The Ultimate Ascension Handbook".

The Ashtar Command intends to make itself known on a wider scale now, and they feel it urgent now to do this. They have a Mass Media Mission (MMM) campaign going on, which began with the distribution of postcards to the general public. It is now expanding with classified ads in mainstream publications worldwide, with the first ads were scheduled for September 1999, and will continue each month from there. They can use all the extra support they can get, so if you feel moved to participate in either distributing postcards or placing a classified ad, please feel free to do so. Get details about their MMM campaign, to let the public know, finally, that The Ashtar Command is here, and they will be assisting us (Earth's humanity), with our Ascension. Visit:

Read Valerie Donner's Updates : June 21, 1999 & especially June 29, 1999

Jelaila of the 9D Nibiruan Council' article entitled "Choosing Your Dimension". Also on the same web site, check out "The Nibiruan Council's Perspective on Y2K", and their June 1999 Update. Visit: They also have tools for recoding your DNA, as well as DNA recoding coaches.

Also, a very important issue in a magazine you may want to check out. It's called "Sedona Journal Of Emergence", June 1999 issue. Here are several of the good articles it contains: 1) "Y2K: Your Purpose In The New Millennium"; 2)"The Cosmic Lattice: Communication Between DNA and Crystalline Memory"; and "The New Position Of The Magnetic Grid & Implications For Human Life] 3) "The Y2K Transition", "One Ordinary Person Can Change The World" 4) "The 21 Atlantean Chronicles Of Transformation". There are other good articles in this issue, but these are some I found most relevant to helping people get out of fear about Y2K and other coming changes. If you can't find the June issue in any local metaphysical bookstores, contact Sedona Journal Of Emergence and ask for that back issue. Visit: or call 1-800-450-0985

Essential Oils have The Highest Frequencies of any natural substance known to man. The highest being "Rose Oil", with 320 Hz. Essential Oils can help detox the physical body, help the body to heal itself, as well as raise its frequency. A word of caution - The oils MUST BE PURE - or THEY WON'T WORK! Or you will get WEAK results at best. Most merchants sell weak oils that are not pure, and many times they don't even know the difference themselves. To find out where you can get The Best, PURE, Unadulterated Essential Oils on the market, Visit: (Other detoxing products available here too).

There are alchemy formulations available to help with your ascension. They detox the physical body, awaken & activate the DNA codes, raise your frequencies, facilitate Light Body connections, enable you to drink in the Language Of Light thru Sacred Geometry, and a host of other little miracles.
Visit: & http://www.asc-

In the meantime, please participate in the "Millennia Moment" Living Peace meditation. This is a worldwide meditation. The goal is to have 2 billion people participate on New Years Eve, December 31, 1999 - to create a wave of Living Peace in the New Millennium. To find details on this important worldwide event, visit:
In essence, starting August 1, 1999, we are asked to recite the following daily: "From the heart of mankind, to the heart of the Earth, to the heart of God. I commit to "Living Peace" - for myself, my children, my family, my neighborhood, my city, my town, my country, my world". (It is quoated slightly different by different people). Please spread the word both on and off the net. We need all the help we can get. And as we all know, there is power in group intention, prayer and meditation.
2 Billion - What A Group!

Note: There may be a difference of opinion among the many different Lightworkers, as we all have different personalities, and are all at different stages of our spiritual development, enlightenment and ascension. But through your research, you will find many common themes, especially the theme of promoting Love, not fear. So, keep an open mind, and as always, use your own discernment. Don't automatically assume something is true because it was said by a supposedly higher vibrating spiritual being. It very well may be THEIR truth, but not necessarily THE truth. Always feel the information with your heart, then decide if you want to make it YOUR truth. Trust in Spirit, and Spirit will guide you to what you need to learn (or re-learn).

I am reviving my Light Group here locally. It's called "Earth Angel Network". I will be getting this urgent information out to the people here locally, in the form of printed matter, for those who (for one reason or another) don't have access to the internet (though I will encourage them to access it A.S.A.P.). It will cost money to get the initial printed matter out to them, and I am not a Master yet, so am seeking a donation from anyone who cares to help, as a token of your appreciation for this bit of information you've just received from me. Any amount appreciated, and remember, anytime you help the one, you are helping the whole. And it is true that "One ordinary person can change the world", but all who really know me know that I am anything but ordinary, and no doubt many of you are like me.
You Too Can Change The World

Please send donations (U.S. Dollars Please) to:
JoAnn Lewis, P.O. Box 20422, Cleveland, OH 44120 U.S.A.

My apologies for the long message. But most of you who know me already know how "long winded" I can get when it comes to writing (especially when I feel it's important). And sorry if I repeated myself a few times, but as you know, repetition is the key to learning.

Note: Please translate this message into your own or other language if you can, and distribute to those who can't read English. Also put it on tape for the blind and visually impaired. Also pass it along to the children who are old enough to understand, and/or explain it to the children in your own words. Many of the children are already awakened, and some are already recoded (many were born already recoded - an example are the computer "whiz kids" and child geniuses). I am personally sending this entire message out to friends and acquaintances all over the world, and you can do the same.

Peace Be With You All,
Love & Blessings,


Updates: I'm working on "Bridging The Reunion" back to my loved ones, including the (now 9 year) relationship I thought was over. To learn the importance of Lightworkers bridging their reunions back to their loved ones see Jelaila's article entitled: "Brigde Of Reunion" at -

It is wise to prepare for some interuptions in your supply sources (even though they will be minor and short term). Stock up on at least a few days supply of food, emergency supplies and alternate heating and cooking sources - as suggested by the Red Cross. If it makes you feel more secure, have revisions for each member of your family for a few weeks at the most. But if you go to the extreme and go beyond these suggestions, and out of fear stock up and hoard food and survival supplies for, say, a year or two years, you are coming from a place of fear and are clearly in the "Survival Mode". In which case, you are sealing your own fate. You already know what will happen if you don't Get Out Of Fear. If you already have more than you and your family need for a few weeks, be willing to share your extras with your neighbors. Mother Earth knows what's in your heart, so this is a good time to have a "change of heart".